More Than 70 Years Of Combined Experience

At Heekin Litigation Group in Jacksonville, Florida, our attorneys have the experience necessary to resolve complex, multifaceted cases in a wide range of practice areas, including business law and construction law.

Our law firm was founded by T. Geoffrey Heekin, who has been practicing law in since 1981. Shareholders Hunter Malin and Tracy Wenzel each have more than 15 years of experience. Follow the links below for more information about our lawyers.

Flexible To Meet Your Needs

Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for you. That requires flexibility on our part, and our size allows us that flexibility. After a careful assessment of your case, we will assemble a team that may include one, two or even more of our attorneys, as well as staff and outside experts, as appropriate. Whatever challenges stand between you and your goal, we will include team members who have experience getting results.

We will keep you updated as your case progresses. The nature and frequency of these updates will be up to you. We recognize that you may want to be very hands-on and involved as your case moves forward, so regular phone calls may be important. We also know that business owners and others may have to devote their attention to many other tasks, so occasional emails and calls about major mileposts may be more appropriate. Either way, we will accommodate you.

We are proud of the fact that many of the individuals, businesses and associations we represent return to us whenever they encounter a new legal issue. We believe that these clients return to us not just because of the results we provide, but because of the care and hard work we put into every case. To learn more about how we can help you, call us at 904-355-8633 to set up a free consultation. You can also reach us by email at any time.