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Litigating mold lawsuits

Because of the expense of remediation, and the health concerns it engenders, the appearance of black mold in a new building often leads to intense litigation over who is responsible.

It is commonly known that mold thrives in moist, unventilated areas. But it is another thing credibly pinpointing the actual causes of toxic mold in a building. The presumption often is that defects in construction allowed the mold to take over and devalue the property. 

Remediation for mold problems is often extensive, requiring the removal of infected sheet rock, floorboards, carpeting and furniture.

We look for mold damage resulting from leaking roofs, windows and doors, foundations that sink, sunken foundations and concrete failure.

Cost intensive projects

A great deal of money is at stake in these cases. Damages can include the cost of cleanup and structural restoration, business losses and medical expenses of those affected by the toxic mold.

Toxic mold lawsuits, because of the burden of proving that a builder's actions resulted in the spread of the mold, are complex. Businesses will want to work with attorneys who are versed in this complexity, including multiple defendants, and persuasive medical and scientific testimony.

We can help

At Heekin Litigation Group we have experience with both construction suits and those arising in homeowners association disagreements. We represent property owners, contractors, subcontractors and other parties in construction.

Our lawyers have been successful mounting cases involving charges of negligence, breach of warranty and deliberate nondisclosure of problems.

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